Prevent users deleting emails from Outlook inbox

Prevent users deleting emails from Outlook inbox is impossible but we can store a copy in somewhere else! Email content is a digital asset for any organization. Its recorded conversation and supportive document(s) that attached in the attachment between user(s) and customer(s) throughout a single deal processes, argument or notification. Also, email provides efficient and effective ways to retrieve history records through search function in Outlook.

Unfortunately, there is a possibility that user may delete emails from Outlook inbox and server since Outlook is providing a function to delete from server.

Screenshot of delete email from server in Outlook

Therefore, looking for an email hosting provider that can prevent users from deleting emails and keep a backup of emails are important to an organization. There are two ways you can keep a copy of email to protect organization interest which is subscribe to Microsoft Office365 or forward email to another organization email address.

Method 1: How Microsoft Office365 can prevent users from deleting email?

Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise is providing a function called litigation hold to prevents emails from being deleted from server mailbox. Besides that, emails can be retrieve by admin or users has the permission to access in anytime!

Follow these 3 steps to enable litigation hold in admin center:

1) Log into the admin center and navigate to Users -> Active users -> highlight the mailbox and click Edit Exchange properties.

2) click on mailbox features then click Enable for Litigation hold.

3) Specify how many days you want to retain emails from being delete.

Method 2: Forward email to another organization email address

This method is strongly recommended for small and medium company that are having tight budget for expending IT services. These are the reason:

  • You are managing less than 100 staffs in the organization.
  • You just need a physical CPU with internet connection and 1TB of Harddisk and place in a secure place.
  • Setup an email address in email hosting (E.g:
  • Forward all your staff’s email to

Now, you need to setup an email account to retrieve all the email that being forward to in the CPU that you are just prepared. Install Microsoft Outlook and follow the steps below to add email account. In this example, we are using Microsoft Outlook 2016.

  1. Go to File -> Info -> Account Settings -> Account settings

2) Click on New

3) Click on Let me setup my account manually

4)Select either POP or IMAP as your incoming mail server

5) Fill up your email hosting’s incoming and outgoing email server with port number

6) Fill up the password and now you are connect!

The CPU is now capturing all the incoming emails and you may retrieve at anytime you want. Bare in mind, this CPU might capture private and confidential emails from users. Therefore, make sure you place your CPU in safe environment with proper protection to avoid data leakage.

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